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Our eDistribution Plan Room is pleased to announce a new Addendum on our eDistribution Web Site. Job Name: Blue Valley 2017 Fire Alarm Upgrades – Blue Valley School District Addendum Number: 2 Addendum #2 – Consists of 2 pages of 8.5×11 and 7 plan sheets.\ This addendum is too large to attach. For more information about this job please see our eDistribution Web Site Website Log-In: On the left-hand side click “Public Jobs” to locate the project. Click on project. If you have any questions please call Drexel Technologies at (913) 371-4430 Why have you received this email? This email was sent to you because your user account preference has enabled our system to send you notifications. If this is an error, or you wish to no longer receive these messages, please click here to visit our online Plan Room. Once you have logged into your account, click on the “Edit my Profile” link, and update your preferences to no longer receive Bid Invitations. You will still receive addendum notifications for any projects you have placed orders for. This email was sent by: Drexel Technologies 10840 W 86th St., Lenexa, KS 62614

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