Committees & Task Forces

AGC of Kansas Committees & Task Forces

Legislative Affairs & Political Action Committee(PAC)

Mission – To monitor local, state and national legislative and regulatory issues impacting the construction and business community.  To provide regular email updates to the membership in order to educate our members on the key legislative/regulatory issues impacting their businesses.

In addition, raise valuable political action funds to support pro-business and pro-construction candidates.

AGC of Kansas has three (3) registered lobbyist that work full-time for the membership on local and state issues in Topeka and around the State of Kansas.  Also, AGC of Kansas has fifteen (15) registered lobbyist that work full-time for the membership on federal issues in Washington D.C.


Ben Hutton (Hutton Construction, Wichita) – CHAIR

David Snodgrass (Snodgrass & Sons Construction, Wichita)

Jim Rinner (Bartlett & West, Topeka)

Ivan Crossland (Crossland Construction, Columbus)

Joe Samia (Central Consolidated, Wichita)

Paul Sutherland (Sutherland Construction, Wichita)

Mike Hafling (CAS Constructors, Topeka)

Bennie Crossland (Crossland Construction, Columbus)

Jim Grier (Martin K. Eby Construction, Wichita)

Dennis Kerschen (The Law Company, Wichita)

Gregg Oblinger (Simpson Construction Services, Wichita)

Jeff Grier (UCI, Inc, Wichita)

Craig Nelson (Conco Construction, Wichita)

Jon Pahl (Nabholz Construction, Olathe)

Scott Schneider (Watkins & Schneider) – Legislative Consultant

Jason Watkins (Watkins & Schneider) – Legislative Consultant


Safety Committee

Mission – To work in partnership with OSHA on the administration of the AGC-OSHA safety outreach program and to provide consultations on identifying workforce safety issues impacting job-site safety.  Also, to provide a variety of cost-effective safety solutions to these issues.

Marvin Swayne (Key Construction, Wichita) – CHAIR

Cloys Bayless (AGCKS Safety & Training Director),

Matt Lashley (Drywall Systems, Wichita)

Burt Morton (HTI Safety & Training, Manhattan)

Marvin Swayne (Key Construction, Wichita)

Michael Wallace (Cataylst Safety, McPherson)

Haley Sumner (Dondlinger & Sons Construction, Wichita)

Garrett McHargue (Conco Construction, Wichita)

Brian Schrader (McCownGordon Construction, Manhattan)

Randy Laver (Hutton Construction, Wichita)

Kim Dia (RF Benchmark Construction, Manhattan)

Gene York (Atec Steel, Baxter Springs)


Specialty/Subcontractor Council

Mission – Specialty and Subcontractor members of AGC of Kansas are afforded the opportunity to meet as a group in Regional Council meetings to address issues/challenges affecting the industry.  These issues/challenges are prioritized and solutions developed for AGC of Kansas to allocate resources to for action.

Specialty and Subcontractor members are elected to the AGC of Kansas Board of Directors and have a direct impact on the strategic planning of the association (see list of AGCKS Board/Officers).

Scott Ludwick (Builders Plus Construction, Wichita) – CHAIR

Tim Sinclair (Pal’s Glass, Wichita)

Joe Samia (Central Consolidated, Wichita)

Fred Willich (Hi-Tech Interiors, Manhattan)

Randy Davin (Davin Electric, Topeka)

Mike Kilian (Kilian Electric, Wichita)

Joe Glassman (Glass Corporation, Hays)

Chuck Lower (Lower Plumbing & Heating, Topeka)

Danny Satterfield (Satterfield Drywall, Wichita)

Douglas Hague (Shelley Electric, Wichita)

Justin Sanchez (Tatro Plumbing, Garden City)


Workforce Development Committee

Mission – To develop programming for entry level and incumbent worker craft training, management/superintendent training and other construction related training to meet the needs of our member’s job-sites.

Craft Training – AGC of Kansas provides the largest state sponsorship for the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER), Gainesville, FL –   NCCER offers a world class and accredited craft training materials and management training materials.  These materials are competency based and module in nature in order to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry.  As the employee completes the variety of modules, the employee is provided a national credential that is incorporated into a national database for future reference.

Training Partners – AGC of Kansas currently has 125 Kansas high-schools, community colleges and vo-tech center partners located throughout the State of Kansas.  These 125 educational partners currently have nearly 4,000 students enrolled in the NCCER training offerings.  Nearly 200 instructors are certified to teach the NCCER curriculum.

Management/Superintendent Training – AGC of Kansas also offers management, superintendent and crew-leader training programs throughout the year.

Human Resource –  AGC of Kansas has partnered with Birddog HR to provide its members with FREE access to post their job openings that can be accessed by our educational partners and the private sector.  AGC member’s Human Resource Managers will be afforded the opportunity for job inquiries that are sent directly to their office in a secure and private manner.  In addition, AGC of Kansas is working with Birddog HR to develop a data-base of entry level workers from our 4,000 students currently utilizing the NCCER curriculum.


Larry Weis (Martin K. Eby Construction, Wichita) – CHAIR

Cloys Bayless (AGCKS Safety & Training Director) –

Chad Buresh (Simpson Construction Services, Wichita)

Jason Gillig (Hutton Construction, Wichita)

Humberto Jimenez (Conco Construction, Wichita)

Scott Ludwick (Builders Plus Construction, Wichita)

Damon Young (Mahaney Roofing, Wichita)

Larry Weis (Martin K. Eby Construction, Wichita)

Lindsey Frack (Drywall Systems, Wichita)

Mario Pereira (Conco Construction, Wichita)

Bill Brand (Hutton Construction, Wichita)

Scott Marko (Zernco, Inc., Wichita)

Ashley Thill (Zernco, Inc., Wichita)


Alternative Project Delivery Task Force

Mission – To periodically “LOOK BACK” on existing Alternative Project Delivery laws/statutes, championed by AGC of Kansas in 2016, that allows for APD procurement options including Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) on publicly funded projects in Kansas.  This look back on the existing laws/statutes is an opportunity for AGC of Kansas to examine if the law is meeting the expectations of not only the policy makers but also the construction industry.

Gregg Oblinger (Simpson Construction Services, Wichita) – CHAIR

Mike Hafling (CAS Constructors, Topeka)

Jim Rinner (CAS Constructors, Topeka)

John Johnston (JE Dunn, Kansas City)

Todd Knight (MccownGordon Construction, Manhattan)

Bob Burns (Robert Burns Attorney at Law, Wichita)

Kurt Grier (Martin K. Eby Construction, Wichita)

Mike Gibson (Murray & Sons Construction, Topeka)


Public-Private-Partnership (P3’s) Task Force

Mission – To develop a strategic plan that provides an P3 educational element for AGC of Kansas members to understand the value of P3’s and the opportunities that are available for Kansas general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.  In addition, this strategic plan that provides some P3 best practices on how other states have addressed P3’s.

John Johnston (JE Dunn, Kansas City) – CHAIR

Todd Knight (MccownGordon Construction, Manhattan)

Scott Casebolt (Key Construction, Wichita)

Jim Rinner (Bartlett & West, Topeka)

Kurt Grier (Martin K. Eby Construction, Wichita)

Bennie Crossland (Crossland Construction, Columbus)


Construction Leadership Council (CLC)

Mission – To provide a forum for the AGC of Kansas membership’s young and emerging construction professionals that include both field and office personnel.  In addition, this CLC forum would integrate AGC of Kansas’ construction science student chapters at Kansas State and Pittsburg State into the programming.  These CLC forums would provide opportunities for CLC members to participate in networking, mentoring, educational workshops and other programming with senior construction personnel.

Chris Callen (Builders Plus Construction, Wichita) – CHAIR

Mike Swift (Thomas McGee, Kansas City)

Scott Ludwick (Builders Plus Construction, Wichita)

Jason McCracken (Hi-Tech Interiors, Manhattan)

Ben Hutton (Hutton Construction, Wichita)

Tom Saffel (Prairie Landworks, McPherson)

Luke Kunkel (Conco Construction, Wichita)

Joe Levens (Pittsburg State Faculty)

Ray Buyle (Kansas State Faculty)

Lindsay Young (nuMarketing, Wichita)


Non-Dues Revenue Committee

Mission – to focus on opportunities for programs and services that can be developed for delivery to the AGC of Kansas membership, thus leveraging our member’s ability to use the Association’s “BUYING POWER” in saving money on their purchases.  Growing AGC of Kansas’ Non-Dues revenue will provide valuable resources for its members but also keep the AGC of Kansas’ membership dues at a reasonable level for new and existing members.

Mike Swift (Thomas McGee, Kansas City) – CHAIR

Jim Rinner (Bartlett & West, Topeka)

Mark Hutton (Hutton Construction, Wichita)

Bennie Crossland (Crossland Construction, Columbus)

Mike Gibson (AGCKS Staff)


Business/Industry Partners Committee

Mission – Increase Subcontractor and Supplier membership participation by developing educational/marketing plans to showcase the wide range of membership services (workforce development, safety, board, buying power services, etc.) available to these members.   In addition, to broaden the existing relationships with other industry groups to leverage partnership in solving challenges to the industry.

Tim Sinclair (Pal’s Glass, Wichita) – CHAIR

Scott Ludwick (Drywall Systems, Wichita)

Fred Willich (Hi-Tech Interiors, Manhattan)

Rean Wessels (Lee Construction, Garden City)

Joe Samia (Central Air Conditioning Co., Wichita)

Joe Levens (Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg)

 Scott Casebolt (Key Construction, Wichita)

Bob Burns (Robert Burns Attorney at Law, Wichita)

Luke Kunkel (Conco Constrruction, Wichita)


Kansas Construction Education Foundation (KCEF)

Kansas Construction Education Foundation (KCEF)

Mission – to develop programming that raises valuable funds for scholarships and professorships for the Construction Sciences programs at AGC of Kansas’ Student Chapters at Kansas State University and Pittsburg State University.  Host an annual KCEF Dinner/Auction that will be held in conjunction with AGC of Kansas’ State Convention/Kan-Struct.


Mark Hutton (Hutton Construction, Wichita)

Bennie Crossland (Crossland Construction, Columbus)